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ProdMark is focused on providing the best experience in evolving your business, and to explore emerging technologies.

Mark, the founder, has always been interested and involved in the digital space, exploring for the past 10 years the iGaming industry, building new teams, creating exciting digital products, and various high-end gaming platforms, for millions of users across different verticals, and platforms.

He has been for the past years learning about emerging technologies, like web3, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. empowering businesses to explore different streams, focused across product and marketing.

Creating new strategic routes a business can dive into focusing on creating valuable solutions for customer acquisition, gamification, engagement, retention, and loyalty.

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Our ambition is to provide the best service, with a realistic perspective, to help you explore new opportunities across your product and marketing services, empowering your brands to a new level.

We leverage our vast network of premium partners that can deliver any needs you might have, where we educate and explore emerging technologies, that can assist you to be ahead of your competitors.

our product

Our goal is to help you at every stage of your product’s life cycle.

We will develop and execute a full-fledged product strategy that includes everything from a business case, product usps, design & user experience, and marketing plans.

We take pride in helping companies go to market with a solid foundation and building strategic streams that empower your existing or upcoming brands, and potentially to utilize emerging technologies

Our product design

We'll work with you to create an experience that your customers need, driving engagement, and products that increases revenue.

Our product marketing

We build a consistent brand identity across all touchpoints, which focus on email marketing campaigns, online ads, social media, and create a meaningful story around your brands, to share with your communities.

Our product management

We help you to prioritize features based on user feedback or other metrics such as revenue or engagement metrics to meet customer needs while staying true to the core mission of your company's vision statement.

Our product development

We provide the opportunity to build anything. If it's, new features or functionalities on top of any platform to creating new products entirely.

our marketing

Our mission is to bring you closer to your audience, the right audience, by defining their identity and personality through content, increased web presence, and highly-targeted outreach.

We develop strategies, programs, & partnerships that enable individuals, organizations, and brands to engage in the age of participation.

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web3 & blockchain

We understand how challenging it is to learn about emerging technologies. We help you identify which can enhance your brands, and direct them into new markets, and attract new audiences.

Always striving to provide a realistic service, where we educate and assist businesses learning about different technologies, to build new revenue streams.

Our main focuses using emerging tech, are blockchain services, cryptocurrencies, web3, metaverse, and AI.

We leverage our experiences, and expertise that we generated by building different products, using this amazing tech.


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  • Strategic Marketing
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  • iGaming
  • Blockchain
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  • Fintech

Passionate about helping you build and grow your business.

ProdMark 365 is a Product Marketing service, founded by Mark Grech
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